Natural Skin Care Tips For Men: Face Techniques

skincare tips for men

As a man, should you pay more attention to your skin? Absolutely, especially when it comes to your face. When your face is properly cleaned and has a certain glow to it, it will boost your inner confidence and make your outer presence more pleasant and memorable. Because of facial hair, men usually have more breakouts than the ladies; the more hair follicles your skin has, the more sebum (an oily substance produced by the sebaceous glands) it creates. On the other hand, facial hair acts as a support structure and helps to prevent wrinkles.

In general, men have an advantage over women, because they have more collagen and elastin fibers and a tighter structure of fatty tissue in the subcutaneous layer, which is the lower or third layer of the skin.

Quick And Natural Beauty Tips For Men

When it comes to your daily skin care routine, keep it simple: 1) wash 2) shave 3) moisturize. The products that you should always have in your bathroom are a facial wash or cleaners, shaving cream and moisturizer.

Speaking of facial wash, never use soap! If you have dry skin, pick a gentle and non-foaming cleanser. An application is simple: wet your face first and gently rub the cleanser all over your skin; then remove it with a wet washcloth or, better yet, rinse it off with warm water.

If you have oily skin, you can try a mild face wash, but we would still recommend a gentle and non-foaming product that doesn’t contain sodium lauroyl sarcosinate or sodium laurel sulfate (SLS or SLES), synthetic foaming detergents that can dry out and irritate your skin. Keep in mind that your skin takes a beating after every shaving procedure, so your goal is to not strip it of its natural skin regeneration resources completely. If need be, wash your face with a gentle cleanser more than twice a day to eliminate extra oils. A face cleanser made by Natural Vibrancy fits all of the above criteria (coming to stores soon).

Speaking of shaving foams, once again, stay away from the ones that contain SLS or SLES synthetic detergents because they are very drying. If your skin tends to be dry or sensitive, try using a nonfoaming cream or try a gentle face cleanser discussed above.

Speaking of the aftershave moisturizer, go with a natural lightweight lotion rather than a rich cream. Choose formulas that are rich in anti-inflammatory and antioxidant ingredients, that can hydrate and rejuvenate your skin. If you wish to shortcut your research, we recommend Pure Body Lotion that is natural and rich in all essential vitamins and minerals, plus, it is made to be used on the face.

In fact, when it comes to quality, it is better than most face creams and exceptional when it come to moisture retention. If you have sensitive skin, it will calm, soothe and hydrate it. If you have oily skin, it will help you to balance it.

Now, when it comes to overall appearance and grooming, you should keep your other hair in control, as well. I think you would agree that when we meet men with nose and ear hair sticking out and curling in different directions…well… let’s just say… it is not pleasant. So, it would not hurt to have the following tools in your bathroom handy, like a pair of slant-ended tweezers to pluck out stray and wiry brow or ear hairs. Nasal hair trimmers are excellent for bushy nose hair and inner ears, too.

This video summarizes the 3 must implement tips perfectly.

Skin Care Techniques When Shaving

A large majority of men who shave report multiple skin problems as a result. The core issues usually are razor burns, razor bumps, ingrown hairs, rashes and irritations. Ingrown hairs can develop if the hair is cut too short, below the skin surface and then never makes it out of the skin.

Razor bumps, called pseudofolliculitis barbae, form because the body treats an ingrown hair as an infection and swells up. It primarily occurs in up to 60% of Black men and people with curly hair. If the hair follicles become infected with a bacterium (called staphylococcus aureus) that lives in the respiratory tract (like nose) and gets into follicles during shaving, it can result in red, painful and itchy pus-filled pimples.

If you find yourself with a mild case of this problem, treat it with a warm compress of diluted witch hazel or white vinegar. The only 100% effective treatment is to let the beard grow. After growing it to a certain length, the hair will not grow back into the skin, so avoid shaving for 3-4 weeks. On top of it, to decrease the inflammation, you can apply a mild cortisone cream. If you wish to avoid it in the long run, then improve your shaving method. Most irritations and razor burns are caused by using a blunt razor or poor shaving technique.

So, let’s cover the entire shaving procedure step-by-step. Best results can be achieved when your facial muscles are warmed up, which causes your beard hairs to lift up. Therefore, it would be best if you shave during or right after the shower, when your skin is all warmed up.

How To Shave A Beard

1. If possible, use a triple-blade razor with a swivel head to make sure it has a sharp edge to minimize razor burn. Change the blade every two weeks.

2. For a quick shave, splash your face with several handfuls of warm-to-hot water. If you have an extra minute, soak a washcloth in a close to hot water, wring it out and lay it over your face (beard area) for about 1-2 minutes, pressing it into all the contours. This method makes it much easier to cut, because it expands the hair.

3. Spread a thin layer of shaving cream over your beard.

4. Shave in the direction your hair grows, using light and slow strokes.

5. Feel free to use your other hand to pull and stretch the skin, so you flatten the surface for your blade.

6. During your shaving, regularly rinse and tap the razor on the basin to remove hair and built-up shaving cream.

7. Run your hands over your face to check for any stray hairs. If you find any, repeat the above action.

8. Rinse your face well with warm water.

9. Pat your skin with a clean and soft towel, leaving it slightly damp. Don’t rub it.

10. Apply a natural moisturizer to sooth your skin and lock in moisture to keep it smooth and hydrated.

Here is a step-by-step skin care routine, if you wish to learn more.

What Natural Products Are Good For Your Skin

If you want to improve the looks of your skin even further… besides your daily facial cleanser, exfoliant, shaving cream and moisturizer, you should consider taking some supplements. Why? Well international research over the last two decades shows that almost everyone is deficient in one or more key nutrients.

Most men are on the constant go, and they rarely get to eat a well-balanced and nutrient-rich meal. It is important, not only for improving the appearance of your skin, but also for improving your overall health. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you take a good multi-nutrient supplement. You can start with an organic New Chapter multivitamin called “Every Man” and “Every Man II” if you are over 40 years old.

If you will take a supplement a day and keep an eye on your diet (eating well-balanced and nutrient rich meals) you will be well off, even if you sip a little bit of Scotch every evening.

Read more on natural skin care techniques here.

Let us know if you have come across some useful tips that we left out here. Or, if you turned your skin around, what was the cause and how did you do it?!

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