Natural Skin Care Remedies Begin With Prevention

natural skin care remedies

Speaking of skin problems, it is important to understand that your focus should lie, not only on identifying and solving a problem, but also, in preventing it.

When the problem unravels, it brings many other headaches with it, as well; so it is wiser to prevent it before it costs you time, money and frustration in trying to eliminate it. For example, if your heels are dry, don’t wait until they dry out more, crack open and lead to an open wound, pain and possible infection. Feel them - see them - treat them!

If you know that your mother, grandmother and father developed lots of wrinkles in their face as they aged, you need to start working on preventing that condition right now. Use a hand-picked face cream, watch your diet and work out. Listen to the signals that your body sends, so you can help it to help you… before it reaches the other side (the problem).

Yes, it’s a simple concept, and if you take the right action, you will be able to stop skin issues before they take place. And if they do happen, you’ll be able to put them to rest quickly.

Your Best Natural Skin Care Remedy Starting Today​

Please take a look at the video below. It hits the nail on the head.

Long And Quick Skin Care Fixes​

Be in tune with your body and observe your skin, so you can prevent the issues from happening again and pay attention to different problems that may show up as you age. Also, it is useful to know that there are quick fixes and long fixes when it comes to improving skin. In other words, some of our skin challenges can be solved quickly and some can take longer periods of time.

For instance, thinner and smaller areas of epidermis (the outer layer of your skin), like your face and hands, can respond faster to treatment than the thicker parts of your skin, like sagging upper arm skin.

Now, quick fixes may include mild stretch marks, mild acne, mild aging of the hands and face with some fine wrinkles. Slow fixes include crepey skin (aged, thinning skin that can look like an elephant skin), sagging skin, hyperpigmentation, grade III acne (that has inflammation, blackheads, redness, papules and pustules) and deep wrinkles. Knowing if your skin problem falls under a quick or slow fix will help you eliminate frustration and prevent your losing hope early in the process, stopping the treatment before it starts paying off for you.

It’s a fact, when you go from one stage of your life to another, your skin goes through a transition, as well. And these transitions can appear quite frequently… like every decade, and, in some cases, even in between. Moving from teens to your twenties, then from your twenties to your thirties and beyond… not counting pregnancies, weight gain and loss, menopauses, etc.

With every new stage of life, you’ll get to experience a change in your skin and so, by being aware of the fact and building a knowledge base on how to prevent it, your skin will stay healthy and vibrant despite changes. Like many things, before any treatment takes place, you must know how to analyze your skin and diagnose it, at least on the basic level. In future articles, we’ll cover many specific skin problems and their remedies, but for now, let’s discuss the basics that everyone should know. While skin challenges can appear all over the body, let’s focus on the most visible area - your face.

​Skin Care For Glowing Face

By being able to diagnose (at an early stage) where your face issues are, you’ll be able to dramatically enhance the effectiveness of any treatment you decide to go with and make your own prescription for a home care regimen that is completely focused on your unique needs. The following image displays all nine distinct face zones, each with its own set of potential skin concerns. As we dive deeper into each one, think about your face (zone-by-zone) and any of the things you are currently experiencing, avoiding or implementing.

facial zones for skin care

Facial Skin Zone 1​

Your forehead is a prominent area of your face that can paint an overall picture of your entire body and its health. Skin challenges in this area could be a collection of things, such as you are not using any face-wash or simply using the wrong one; you don’t properly remove your makeup or leave residue from other products (like hair shampoo), which can be clogging your pores and causing breakouts. On the other hand, did you make sure that your beauty products don’t contain ingredients that can cause various irritations?

Also, according to reflexology, the entire forehead zone is connected to the bladder and digestive system. Possible causes may be that you have lots of toxins that enter your system on a daily basis, but don’t get flushed completely; or that you may not be hydrated enough throughout the day. Make sure you drink enough during the day.

As with everything else, intake only as much as your body requires (all of us have unique bodies and our consumption varies). When it comes to drinking water, it is good to remember that consistent small intakes throughout the day are the key, and if you already feel thirsty (and your mouth has very white saliva), it is already too late. So try to drink before you reach that stage - small and consistent intakes throughout the day.

Facial Skin Zone 2​

This zone could be called your third-eye zone. If you are facing some issues in this area, start looking at what you are eating and drinking when you are kicking back each day, because this area is connected to your liver. Some annoying lines and pimples in this zone can mean too much alcohol or midnight snacking or dining out on foods that are too rich for your system. So if you wine and dine a lot, pay attention to your meals and your alcohol intake.

Again, there is no reason to stop one or the other, but start noticing how your body responds to certain foods and drinks. Notice how you feel after you consume them and begin to modify or substitute… for example, one devilish dessert for a bit more innocent one that might actually be just as tasty. If you take care of your inner apparatus - your outer skin appearance will reflect the same. Also, let’s not forget that trouble in this particular zone can be caused by age and/or lack of proper moisturizing.

Facial Skin Zone 3

Have you ever had your ears get red and burning for no particular reason? It can be a sign of your kidneys letting you know of their disappointment with you. They can be stressed due to an influx of salt, caffeine or red meat. So make sure you give your kidneys a vacation (from the items mentioned earlier) and drink enough water to detox your system. In this situation, stay away from carbonated water. Also, stress can be another factor, which we’ll cover in our future discussions.

Facial Skin Zone 4

If you have a close look at your cheeks and see clogged pores (surface black-heads) or you notice broken capillaries, these signs can be interlinked with smoking, heavy pollution or allergies. Excess sweating, incorrect face cleansing (or lack of it) and failing to match makeup to your skin type (allergy causing ingredients) could also be the cause of it. Natural skin care remedies can begin with some great quality natural products. Now, if you have sensitive skin, make sure to pay extra attention at the ingredients!

Facial Skin Zone 5

This zone can be a real annoyance to many - put your hands together and welcome dark circles under your eyes. Ugh! Those dark circles are often hereditary, but they can also be exacerbated by not sleeping enough, allergies, not getting rid of the toxins in your body correctly and even a diet lacking essential nutritional minerals and elements that are universal or unique to you.​

Facial Skin Zone 6​

Your nose is a good indicator of your internal world. If your nose gets red often (and you’re not related to Rudolph), it is possible that you have high blood pressure. The first thing that you should do is cut down on saturated fats, especially, animal fats and measure if you have an iron deficiency. Sometimes, intense emotional stress can cause a red nose; so, before you take any other action, first scan your stress levels without suppressing them.

Now, if the area right below the nose has some breakouts, discoloration or a newly developed mustache, it can be correlated with a hormone imbalance (we’ll expand on it with suggestions in the future posts). And if you run into an irritation around your lips, make sure to study ingredients in your lip products (like lip balm / liner / lipstick), because some of them contain potential acne-inducing materials.

Facial Skin Zone 7

​How often have you noticed breakouts along both sides of your jawbone that leads up to your ears? They can be caused by clogged pores and lack of exfoliation or hormonal imbalance (like ovulation). In some cases, they can even be linked to dental issues. When was the last time you visited the dentist and had your teeth cleaned?

Facial Skin Zone 8

​Your chin and most of the skin problems related to this area can be connected to the issues in your stomach and small intestine. Examine your diet; do you eat too much sugar and avoid high fiber foods? Fiber is no joke! It helps you digest. Food allergies and digestion issues could be linked to your breakouts.

Test by eliminating certain trigger foods one by one to find out what might be causing a breakout. Also, hormonal imbalance and some skincare products can be irritating your skin. So, be a little detective in the process and find the guilty cause.

Facial Skin Zone 9

​Your neck and chest are an extension of your face. They can suffer from the same types of issues. If these areas get sensitive and irritated, it could be a reaction from a perfume or cologne, or a body lotion. In this case, try a natural lotion that is made for a sensitive skin. And, of course, too much stress in your daily routine can create just as many skin challenges as other causes.

Now, that you have an overall picture, you can identify what facial zone needs the most attention, diagnose it and attempt going after a quick fix or a long fix solution. You have to look at it all as the process of elimination, which will lead to knowledge of your unique situation and skin type, as well as future prevention.

Do you have facial zones that stand out and create more trouble for you than others?​

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