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Sensitive Skin Moisturizer

More and more people are showing up with sensitive skin. The good news is that the state of your skin can tell you quite a bit and guide you in the process… what might be contributing towards its sensitivity.

It’s good to keep in mind that your skin reacts to both external and internal factors.

Identifying the reason behind a skin issue is the first step in improving your complexion. For instance, a get away in a dry climate may turn your skin into itchy and dry Sahara desert. Once you figure out that this dryness was caused by the arid environment, you know the problem is temporary and can be easily solved by using more moisturizer during your trip.

Sensitive Skin Lotion

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In other words, look for clues. Sometimes, you can even catch the problem before it exasperates. If you learn that using a particular type of topical ingredient or eating a certain kind of food irritates your skin and creates a negative reaction, you can avoid it to begin with.

For example, eating spicy food and drinking alcohol tend to make rosacea worse. Be a little detective, pay attention to detail and if possible, prevent a problem (“wrong activity”) from happening in the first place.

External Factors And Allergic Reactions In The Skin

You might be surprised, but one of the external factors that not that many talk about is stress. In a way, it can be considered internal and external. However, the internal world is usually impacted by your external environment and events. Consistent arguments with your family members, colleagues, boss… or being stuck in daily traffic can all add up. And when you think about it from the perspective of your skin, it is affected by how the nervous system inside your body reacts to that outside stress.

​How much are you paying attention to what you eat? Food, for instance, is another important external factor. What you eat and drink comes from outside your body as well, but your skin reacts to the nutrients (or the lack of) from the inside out. Regardless of the ins and outs of these various influences, they can cause the skin to react in both positive and negative ways.

Have you thought of what has changed in your daily regime for your skin to become sensitive? Identify and modify.

Allergic skin disorders in older individuals (which may come from contact with or ingestion of offending allergens) must be recognized and separated from other causes, such as dry skin.

Here are some of the other factors/tips that you may consider implementing as well…

  • Discontinue the use of products, such as topical alcohol and strongly scented soaps, that may further dry the skin. Soap in general is way too harsh for faces and we recommend to use a special facial cleanser. If the skin on your body is also sensitive, try using an emollient wash, instead. If you prefer to stick with soap, choose to go with a natural version, which retails the glycerin (the natural, moisturizing element that is removed from most commercially produced bar soaps. Also, an oat-based product can often help calm easily irritated skin.
  • Limit showering or bathing to every other day, up to a maximum of once a day. Too much water can cause skin to dry out. Also, never use hot water on sensitive skin - use tepid or cool water for washing your face and hands, and warm showering or bathing.
  • Avoid bubble baths and use bath oils, instead. Try making your own with organic base oil and essential oils.
  • Laundry - use the minimum of washing washing powder. Avoid clothes-washing powders with biological actions, which often contribute to irritating skin.
  • Cleaning - switch to household cleaners that avoid harsh chemicals. This might help allergies too.
  • Keep an eye on your environment. The indoor environment should be cool and vapor humidified, and your exposure to cold temperatures and wind should be limited. Cold outdoor temperature and winter air causes the body to protect itself by drawing blood away from the skin. When this happens, the skin is not well nourished, and dry skin and itching can result.
  • Detect when you are cold and try not to ignore it. Feeling cold - take immediate and appropriate action! Did you know that it directly impacts your nails? Nails undergo a slow decline in growth, with thinning of the nail plate and ridging, and splitting. Temperature regulation is the key.

To sum it up, your skin provides a direct reflection of what’s going on in your body. A healthy body is going to maintain a healthy complexion. If you are sick, your skin is going to show it. For instance, itchy, dry skin, especially on the lower legs, can be the first indication of diabetes. Therefore, we invite you to look at your body as a whole. If it’s not happy externally, have a closer look internally (as well). Such approach may help you to get rid of an issue… forever.

Best Moisturizer for Sensitive Skin

Speaking of products for sensitive skin, there are plenty of them out in the market for you to choose from. But if you wish to shorten your search and go for a high quality natural moisturizer that will deeply hydrate and soothe your skin, then we invite you to test this Pure Body Lotion made by Natural Vibrancy. You can learn more about this natural lotion by watching the video below.

This moisturizer is available on Amazon as well. When purchased on Amazon this product can be shipped to some of the main countries overseas as well (not only US).

Happy Customers Said:

I am very pleased with the lotion. My skin doesn't protest and it moisturizes and smooths it very well. I like how it seems to work for long periods of time, so I do not need to apply twice a day, once a day or every other day is fine.​

I like the smell too.

It was worth it to pay extra in taxes and customs fees to get it delivered to the UK. I do not have any other lotions on my toilet table any more.

Thank you for your wonderful product.

Y.N. - UK

I am very allergy prone and can't use most of the common cosmetics.

​This is the best body lotion i have ever used and i have tried them all. It even gets rid of the black spots caused by coumadin and heal the skin very well.

W.K. - USA

I am on coumadin

What do you think may have caused your skin to be sensitive? Have you tried multiple sensitive skin care products and non seemed to work?  Let us know!

Do You Have Sensitive Skin?

Let this moisturizer hydrate, heal and soothe your skin

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