Anti Aging Skin Care Products And How To Select Them

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Many anti aging products fill our heads with promises… like “diminish wrinkles” or “ reverse the signs of aging” but not that many tend to deliver. So many of us (primarily women) are confused by our anti aging options.

So, how can we choose between all of those options? How do we identify ingredients that actually work?

We suggest to use the following two-step process:
1. Prevent
2. Investigate

If you follow the two steps you’ll get to your desired outcome faster. Let’s look at each step individually.

1. Prevention!

Let’s prevent aging skin from happening in the first place. If we’ll work on prevention, we’ll have less skin issues to deal with in the future. This step is quite easy, only of course, if we listen to our own advice… use sunscreen!

Do you already own sunscreen? Most likely. Good news! You have one less product to buy. On a more serious note, sun protection is the best anti aging product you have and the best investment you can make. Did you know that 90% of cosmetic skin problems that occur with age - like hyperpigmentation, wrinkles and sagging - are caused by sun exposure (according to the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology)? Unbelievable, right?

Therefore, sunscreen is the most powerful anti aging cream you may already have hidden in your cabinet. There is no point in purchasing lots of anti aging products to repair damage if you don’t prevent it in the first place. Protect what you already have naturally and maintain your healthy skin with daily sun protection.

Sunscreen and a good quality natural moisturizer are the two skin care products that you should always have in your house. An ideal scenario would be to have a sunscreen for every ‘occasion.’ Meaning, your sun protection needs to be compatible with the amount of sun exposure you receive.

For example, for a daily use you may have a broad-spectrum (UVA and UVB) SPF15 sunscreen and SPF 30 for the days when you go for a longer hike or play at the beach. For the beach, you may also want to have a stronger broad-spectrum spray, to quickly and easily cover your body. Also, there will be days when your skin will change and you’ll want to switch to an oil-free sunscreen. Having several formulations of sunscreen handy also reduces the excuses not to wear it.

I hope we made the first step loud and clear, so we can move on to the next.​​

Choose Anti Aging Beauty Products Wisely

Now, we are ready to move to the second step, which is…

2. Investigate!​

It’s time to be a little detective. Your initial investigation process will save you lots of time and money. Let’s dive into it and you’ll know what I mean.

When choosing anti aging products you should investigate 3 things:
a) Identify your problem
b) Research products
c) Pick a product and stick to it.​

Let’s zoom in and look at each area from up close. By the way, you don’t need to spend too much time on this. Keep ti simple.

​Identifying Your Problem

​Identify what are you trying to achieve with your anti aging product. Are you in your forties and trying to get rid of brown spots? Or are you in your twenties and looking for a preventive product? Then, all you would need is an antioxidant-rich skin care product. In this case, we recommend to stay away from chemical-based and go with natural skincare products. Now, if you want to improve brown spots, wrinkles or uneven skin, then you should look into retinoic acid or try a product with niacinamide.

In other words, narrow down your options by asking yourself - what is it about my complexion that I desire to improve? This way, you’ll know if you need to look at product with antioxidants or at products with peptides in them?​

Research Products​

Do your investigation on ingredients. Very often what is proclaimed to be a new chemical innovation turns out to be a derivative of something that already exists. A short search online can tell you what a hot new ingredient actuality is and if the clinical studies behind it are for real.

Look at product labels! The label must list ingredients from the highest concentration to the lowest. If the anti aging ingredient you are looking for is listed all the way at the bottom or has a very low percentage, the product may not make much difference to your skin. Keep in mind, a higher concentration of the chemical is one way to get it into the skin. On the other hand, too high a concentration of some ingredients, such as vitamin C, can be toxic to the skin. Also, ingredients, like antioxidants need to be stable in the mix as well.

Most anti aging products include silicone to provide a smooth texture to the product and in a way make a skin tone look smoother too. However, don’t be fooled! These results are superficial and temporary, since they do nothing for the skin. Some of these products may also contain a little glycol acid or lactic acid to exfoliate the skin and provide instant gratification. All of these ingredients don’t change anything below the surface of your skin. Knowing all this will help you make better choices and in products you select.​

Pick a Product that will Naturally Restore your skin and Stick to it!

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​There are quite a few of us walking around with red and irritated skin. What’s the reason? - you may ask. Using too many different products.

Switching from one ingredient to another within a span of a couple of weeks can create a cocktail of chemicals on your face that can be super irritating. Different products have varying ingredients in them and you probably don’t know how do all these ingredients react with one another? Are they overlapping the same kinds of chemicals, such as acids, over and over again?

Taking care of your skin is like caring for a garden, which needs a certain amount of nutrients, soil, water and sunshine to grow and flourish. If you overfeed or overwater it, the garden is ruined. Therefore, try to pick one or two active ingredients, like an antioxidant and a retinoid for example, and stick with them for at least three months. Give it some time to see if you get any results and then, if you can’t detect any progress, explore other options.

One Anti Aging Ingredient That Works​

It has been proven that this miracle ingredient does what it suppose to do… It was created as an acne treatment, but at the same time, it repairs DNA damage in skin cells and stimulates collagen production. If you want to hear all about this wonderful anti aging ingredient - watch the video. You’ll learn all the necessary details in five minutes or so.

You can pretty much ask any dermatologist and they’ll confirm, that so far, only three things have been proven to work as anti-agers: sunscreen, a quality moisturizer (that helps to maintain the health of the skin’s barrier) and an advanced anti-aging formula. So with that in mind, prevent, restore and maintain. Find products that work with your skin and keep using them. Let your skin be your guide. A quality product will continuously keep improving an overall health of your skin (cumulative effect) and its appearance. 

Also, if you would like to know what professional products and ingredients to stay away from (like toxic and irritating ingredients), please visit this page.

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